View software screenshots will massively simplify the on-going maintenance of Reference Data.

Introduction is an instance of 1View software that contains over 10 million Companies and 30 million Financial Instruments that are sourced from hundreds of diverse and respected organisations (some are subject to licence).

With many applications in any global process, most organisations will be maintaining counterparty or instrument data independently in each, so the overall running and change costs will be very expensive. solves this in an entirely new and very simple way.

Using Collaborative Data Management (CDM) methods, can inform each application individually of the reference data updates necessary to achieve consistency. Using it every day will efficiently maintain local data accuracy and confirm the local data is consistent with any 'golden copy'.

Simply get each processing system owner to upload any copy of Reference data (e.g. Clients and/or Instruments) from the local system and they will receive personalised details on all the updates needed using designated and preferred sources.

This is a confidential and secure service that is open to both consumer firms and vendors and which does not share data with others unless authorised or licenced to do so.

Instrument data contains an extensive range of data on over 30 million Financial Instruments (see Data Sources page for current list of sources). An extensive range of fields already exists e.g. proprietary identifiers, classifications, ratings, end-of-day prices, etc. Extensive cross-reference information is maintained, including any internal proprietary identifiers. The set of fields contained is automatically extended whenever a new input provides further information.

Entity/Company data contains an extensive range of data on over 10 million Legal Entities (see Data Sources page for current list).An extensive range of fields exists for each company, including Registration identifiers and LEI, and the links to related financial instruments. Ownership structures are available though Vendor supplied data. The range of elements is automatically extended whenever a new input provides further information.

Transaction Data

Uploading transactional data in the form of extracts from processing applications in any process life-cycle will automatically reconcile and condense the data into a record for each transaction with information from each supplying application. Any data mismatch or exception is highlighted for 'once-off' repair e.g. differing amounts or codes, unmatched lines, etc.

Other data

Any other hierarchical data can be added, providing data quality control for any business context e.g. currency codes, country codes, holiday dates etc.


  1. The least disruptive and most efficient and scalable solution in the marketplace
  2. Offers instant 'go live'
  3. Delivers operational benefit without the need for expensive review or analysis
  4. Efficiently facilitates any form of data ownership or control
  5. Delivers data management that is future enabling and a business differentiator
  6. A tactical solution that will deliver results that will change 'business as usual'

Now you can try out the benefits of for free using

Any user can, for free, search the extensive OpenRefData database for any global legal entity or financial instrument using any identifier or search string. The response will list all the other identifiers available for the query.

The database is populated from an increasing combination of many data sources as listed in one of the search options, these include:

  1. Exchanges, regulators and registration authorities
  2. Data vendors
  3. Other issuing authorities and marketplace participants

As a registered user of, you may confidentially and securely upload any file of data records containing your 'interest list', shortly thereafter you will have the following available online:

  1. The defaulted mapping and settings for each uploaded file format. (Which you may refine as necessary)
  2. Automated data comparison vs the licenced and freely available data sources that are available to you:
    1. Details on every record that has not been matched against the collaborated superset, with the ability to conduct a once off manual match where possible.
    2. For every matched record, an exception view listing every data element that truly differs from the collaborative set. You may accept, reject or refine the mappings.
  3. You may download your original data file format with the corrections and enrichments.
  4. You may also request additional columns to be added to your data, e.g. regulatory classifications, LEI's, or other market identifiers.

View software screenshots
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