Unleash your IT
14 days ago

Unleash the constraints of IT change

Use-Case Examples
1 month ago

A range of uses for the generic 1View solution

How to build a trusted database
2 months ago

Its not sufficient to produce a trade database using single sources as no one source has the full trade Information

How to achive Data Management for GDPR
3 months ago

Data Management for GDPR
1 year ago

At last, a practical solution for all your Reference Data. Solving Reference Data collaboratively is the way forward.
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How to move off Legacy IT
1 year ago

Short paper describing a simple method to transition any large organisation

How to deliver BCBS239
1 year ago

This paper outlines an entirely new approach which will simplify implementation and deliver significant benefits

1View Rest API - Now Available
1 year ago

The 1View Rest API is now available, follow the link for the API documentation!
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