Integrate the LEI now

Global Regulatory authorities have set the requirement for the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) to be used in reporting to trade repositories and when clearing OT derivatives. Consequently legal entity identification has moved to the forefront of data management issues that financial service firms need to address.

Financial firms need to invest in cross-referencing to the new standard as well as improving the underlying data related to existing identifiers. 1View provides clients with the simplest and most comprehensive solution to integrate LEI's internal data.

Using 1View, LEI data can be quickly and easily combined and cross referenced with a firm's existing identifiers for clients and counterparties, allowing counterparty risk to be efficiently reported in the current challenging market conditions, giving firms the ability to be able to understand its true exposure across related entities

1View offers compelling benefits when setting up a process for any number of counterparties or LEIs:

For a single internal Counterparty master-file

1View can be operationally live in 1 week vs. 3-6 months using traditional methods, and cost less than 10% of alternative solutions

For 10 or more internal Counterparty master-files?

1View can be setup for each source in parallel, and thereby deliver results even more effectively

Integrate the LEI now