Effectively meet Regulatory needs

The single most critical feature of all regulatory reporting is the ability to consolidate data from many diverse systems in a manner that can be trusted (i.e. transparent and auditable) and is adaptable for the many variations in local data. Given the many regulatory requirements, the worst possible solution would be many consolidation applications i.e. one for each legislative requirement. A single consolidated solution is the only viable outcome.

1View is the only agile data management system that is needed to deliver the flexibility the business needs but with the control that the institution desires. 1View allows firms to be able to reconcile and combine multiple data sources, to add/adapt new fields, instrument types and structures simply and easily, without requiring slow and expensive technical customisation from their vendors or internal IT departments.

Full compliance using an integrated and transparent database will not only resolve reporting needs but will also provide the platform to radically improve on-going operational control and efficiencies.
1View is the only solution able to achieve this, making any business case very compelling.

Effectively meet regulatory needs