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1View introduces the unique, automated model of Collaborative Data Management (CDM)

1View is a compelling proposition for all financial services firms that run complex arrays of legacy operational systems.

Previous data management solutions (e.g. Enterprise Data Management - EDM) demand complex analysis and imply rigid designs that are expensive to build or maintain and have rarely delivered lasting, future-proof results.

With CDM, every data owner is able to independently contribute and get their own data configured into a consolidated model. These data owners can then benefit from highlighted exceptions, showing where their data has different meanings from other contributors. 1View contains a full range of confidentiality and source ranking options to cater for all data ownership obligations.

CDM allows for thousands of internal and external contributors to rapidly and flexibly harness the group-wide benefits of accurate, complete and consistent data.

The outcome of CDM, apart from group-wide consistency, is a continually maintained and consolidated data superset of all contributing sources.

1View is by far the quickest way to deliver any project that requires the integration of data from any number of systems. It is the most flexible and adaptable way of solving any business need for consolidated information.

1View will also provide tangible results within days.


1View allows all data owners to each upload files of internal data that are then automatically compared with other data supplied from other (internal and external) sources. Resulting updates and corrections can be viewed or extracted by each owner and applied automatically.

Where the same data elements are supplied for the same record by multiple sources, irresprective of local formats, each contributor can determine whether their data is valid by transparently viewing all the values from other available sources

Where different data elements are supplied for the same record from different sources, the automatic result is a comprehensive set of all supplied data elements. The outcome is significant efficiency, control and client service benefits.

Comprehensive and automatic de-duplication processes harness the different input key fields and result in a complete set of cross-reference identifiers for each record

1View is a secure and confidential intranet or web-based global application able to satisfy local, national, regional or enterprise wide requirements for capture, storage, validation, cleansing and distributions of data.

CDM - Next generation integration


  • Unlimited number of users
  • Secure browser-based access for users; No deployed software on the desktop
  • No technical skills required


  • No local/PC install
  • Proven with 1000's of inputs, billions of rows
  • Scalable configuration allowing multiple SQL server configurations
  • Scalable and contingent web servers and Application server platforms


  • 1View can be accessed through a firm's Intranet or via the Internet from a highly secure hosted location in the UK
  • Can be installed internally with a client's own Intranet using a Web server, Application server and SQL database server
  • Comprehensive range of access rights and 'Banking standard' access controls


  • 1View has been performing a daily mission critical function processing over 100 sources of data for a major International Bank since 2010.
  • An earlier version has been providing many services within a major stock exchange since 2004.
  • 1View regulary maintains 10 million entities and 30 million securities from over 100 sources.

A 'Give and Get' operating model

  • Upload any data file and receive information on necessary updates


  • Unlimited number and format of inputs
  • Any delineated, structured or XLS formats are automatically processed

Any Data Sets

  • Any type or 'level' of data e.g. instrument, entity, client or trade data
  • Rows within hierarchical structures (e.g.

Automatic Integration and Matching

  • Utilising any or multiple key structures

Any Exception and/or Data Reports

  • Any query or list can be configured online
  • All reports can be exported as required

Any bespoke needs

  • Can be efficiently cater for using comprehensive range of 'add-on' options

1View is not a heavyweight application, requiring IT resources to implement change. It is also not a replacement to an existing master-file, i.e. a 'golden copy' of instrument terms and conditions, codes and identifiers. It can, however, be used to maintain these masters with data from internal or external sources. 1View is the most efficent method of permeating master data into local systems.

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